What is Bootcamp like?

The 45 minute-long class consists of 10-minute cycles of warm up, cardio drills combined with dog commands, and strength-building circuits.

After the cardio and dynamic stretching warm-up with the dogs, the dogs go to their mats while humans strength-train.   Dogs can’t train for more than 10 minutes at a time - they get physically and mentally exhausted. While dogs are chilling out, humans use body weights and resistance bands or bring their own free weights for a 10 minute cycle.   

In the third cycle, “play time,” we run and play games with our dogs while always working in commands. If dogs are toy-motivated we use toys to stimulate the dogs then practice our ‘Come,’ ‘Sit,’ and ‘Stay’ commands. Dogs learn that even when playing they have to be attentive.  

We will go back-and--forth between the strength cycle and play cycle for the entire 45 minutes and then finish the class with a bonding experience.

What do I need to bring? 

A DOG! You will also need to bring a collar, leash, and water. DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES.  Treats are optional but highly encouraged. If you'd like to use a harness, make sure it's a NO PULL harness. We supply a mat for your dog to lie on for "go to your place," however, if you want to use it for home (which we highly suggest because we provide you with instruction for the home) we recommend you bring a bed or mat to put on top of the mat we provide so it won't get dirty. 

What do I need to wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable working out in.  Running shoes are strongly recommended! 

I'm out of shape, are we divided into groups based on ability? 

No.  Everyone goes at their own pace and we encourage it!   All fitness levels are welcome.

What if it rains? 

We will not have class since the dogs don't perform as well (if at all) due to the wet ground. Also, who wants to be in the rain and get sick? If you do, call us and we will make arrangements. If you are in the Academy (5days/week), you may make up the class for free.  

How old does my dog need to be to sign up? 

Your dog needs to at least be 4 months or older to sign up for bootcamp. 

What if my dog isn't trained? 

We don't expect yourdog to be trained, however, you MUST attend the introductory obedience lesson which includes an overview of how the bootcamp operates and an obedience class to prepare you and  your dogfor the bootcamps.  

My dog doesn't like other dogs, can we still sign up?

Yes. Set up an introductory session and we'll take it fromthere.  All aggressive dogs MUST wear a muzzle. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

I have 2 dogs, can they both attend?

Of course!  You'll just need a second person too! Our policy is one dog per human. Thisguarantees a safeworkout for all of our clients. 

My dog is doing great in class but we are still having some problems at home, what should we do? 

Discuss options for in-home and other training with our certified and veterinarian-recommended trainers through Blue Ridge Dog Training