one-on-one Introductory Obedience Lesson (required before bootcamp)

includes health evaluation, dog temperament evaluation and obedience lesson  - $15

We take hyper dogs and/or dogs who have never been trained as that's partially what this class is for! MOST dogs can do this class!! 

*We DO evaluate aggressive dogs and will allow them in class IF AND ONLY IF he/she is obeying and under control at all times
(we DO NOT allow dog socialization - only people!).


April 2018 Series
5 classes - $50
starts April 10

May 2018 Series
5 classes - $50
starts May 22

1 class (DROP IN) - $12

Get FREE classes by getting others to sign up!!
You will receive a $10 discount for each referral that signs up for a series. 

*NO REFUNDS.  Make progress . . . not excuses.

CALL 828.423.0156 OR EMAIL NOW!!