It's ALL in the Leash!

Does your dog walk ahead of you? Does your dog pull you down the street? Are you constantly stopping to let your dog sniff around? Does he/she have leash aggression towards other dogs? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, leadership has not been fully established within your household.

One of the crucial ways in establishing the leadership role with your dog is through the leash. The leash is a form of communication that let's the dog know what is being asked of them and who the pack leader is. If the dog ISN'T walking at a "heel," pulling ahead, sniffing around, and/or marking his/her place everywhere, he/she is communicating that you're NOT in control and he/she is really the alpha dog.

Dogs feed off energy through the leash as well. If you are not confident in your position, the dog knows and will do whatever he/she needs in order to survive because dogs are survivalists. Leash aggression is a common behavior that arises from the owners unbalanced energy. Therefore, if you're already expecting the dog to lash out because of previous experiences on walks, they most definitely will due to the insecurities he/she is feeding from.

All these issues are dealt with in Thank Dog! Bootcamp. Learning how to handle your dog on the leash is the key to ensure that everyone gets a great workout, while teaching your dog how to behave. The combination of exercise and obedience will not only transform your walks forever, but will give you and your dog the bodies you've always wanted:)