Your DOG is your workout Partner®

We are WNC's premier outdoor fitness program that
combines dog training, weight training, and high intensity interval training
for dogs and their people. 

A tired dog is a good dog and a trained dog is even better!
So, get your shoes on, grab a leash, and come play with us.

Each class is 45 minutes long and
run by a personal trainer and physically-fit dog trainer.
Dogs will be on-leash throughout the entire class. 
Check out the FAQs tab for more info on how the bootcamps work.

Before starting bootcamp you and your dog must attend a
30 minute one-on-one introductory obedience lesson ($15)
where you learn about how the bootcamp works
and get your dog started with obedience training.  
You will receive take-home printed training materials.

Call 828.423.0156 or email NOW to get started!

Tuesdays  5:30pm

Spring series
($50 each):
April 10 - May 8 (5 weeks)

May 22 - June 19 (5 weeks)

for more information or to enroll





Carrier Park Shelter
220 Amboy Road
Asheville, NC







About Us

TDBC Bio Pic.jpg

Adinna is a Cornell University alumna and dog trainer with years of experience handling dogs.  She has always had a passion for animals and fitness, and believes that a healthy lifestyle is equally important for humans and their four-legged friends.  During her time as a practicing attorney, Adinna (like so many people) struggled to find time to exercise herself and her dogs, and give her dogs the mental stimulation and obedience training they needed.  She found the perfect solution when she read about Thank Dog! Bootcamp® in Fitness magazine. After heading out to Burbank, CA to train with Jill Bowers and Noelle Blessey (the owners & operators of Thank Dog! Bootcamp®), Adinna decided to bring her knowledge back to WNC and open a branch of Thank Dog! Bootcamp® in Asheville.  Now she doesn't have to leave her dogs at home while she goes to the gym, and neither do you!  At Thank Dog! Bootcamp your DOG is your workout partner!®

Adinna is an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) as well as the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), and is also certified in canine (and human) first aid and CPR. She is heavily involved with the Asheville Humane Society, is the Secretary of the Board for the Friends of the WNC Nature Center, and has worked with rescue dogs at the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation. She is an official licensee of the Thank Dog! Bootcamp® training & fitness program.

Adinna is passionate about animal rescue as well as competitive endurance sports and has been active and successful in competitive mid-distance running for more than 10 years.



"Thank Dog! Bootcamp is a truly wonderful program . . . [It is] an innovative way to help people stay engaged with their dogs in a fun, positive and healthy way."
-  Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers


"This program should be mandatory for anyone who owns a dog"
      - Cesar Millan